For only Rp35.000, enjoy the premium perks of airport lounge while you wait for a delayed flights – no claims, instant access Apply for coverage within seconds!​

Oona Flight Delay

Only Rp35,000 for up to 4 flights​

  • Instantly access premium airport lounges when your flight is delayed by an hour, valid for return flights as well. Add 3 travel companions for just 25,000 rupiah per person.​

Instant Access, no paperwork​

  • The lounge vouchers will be sent directly to your cellphone and email, when your flight is delayed. No paperwork. No claim​

Quick Buy via chatbot or WhatsApp​

  • For the first time in Indonesia, buy online via chatbot or at WhatsApp at +62 817-0010-033​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oona’s Smart Flight Delay Insurance?​

Nobody likes flight delays and so here we are turning your dismay to delight! This cool insurance covers your premium airport lounge access when you get flight delays exceeding 60 (sixty) minutes.​

What are the requirements to avail of this cover?​

All you need are your flight details and your information seen in your passport, and you’re good to go!​

Does the insurance cover my whole trip?​

This highly depends on which flights you included. Our Smart Flight Delay covers you for up to four (4) flights.​

Can I purchase the insurance once I find out about my flight being delayed?​

Unfortunately, we do not cover this if the airline has been responsible and has informed you about the delay in advance.​

I’m covered. What happens when my flight is on time?​

We must admit! This is a win for the airlines, and in this instance, your flight is on time, so hooray! The Smart Flight Delay will not kick in, as your flight was on time.​

Where can I get or download the Flight Delay insurance policy wordings?

You can download the Flight Delay insurance policy wordings through the following link Policy Wording - Travel Delay (Travel Guardia).pdf