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TYPES of Motor

Vechicle Insurance

Oona offers many types of motor vehicle insurance, each desires to address various coverages needed.

Total Loss Protection

  • Covering Total Loss due to accidents which repair costs reach 75% or more of the price of the vehicle at the time of the incident or loss due to theft.

Comprehensive Protection

  • Coovering partial or total losses due to risks covered by the Policy.
  • The risks mentioned in the policy include: Collision, Impact Overturning, Skidding or Falling Into, Malicious acts, Theft and Fire.

Motorcycle Compensation

  • Providing compensation for costs required while your vehicle is under repair if the vehicle is partially damage due to an accident or compensation if the vehicle is totally damaged.
Comparation Table

Coverage and Benefits

Compare the various coverage and benefits of each of our car protection solutions and choose what's best for you.

Protection Solutions


Collision, crash, overturn, slip, or fall

Malicious act



Total Loss Only



Additional Coverage*:

*optional with additional premium


Road Side Assistance

To ensure your comfort, we provide Road Side facilities Assistance (RSA) for comprehensive insurance policy.

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24/7 Assistance Service

You can easily get further information concerning insurance products and policies, claim reporting, to conducting independent vehicle surveys.

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Workshop Partners

We have worked with more than 500 workshops to assist you all over Indonesia.

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Oona Other Protection Solutions

Oona's commitment is to provide protection against the risk of loss, with various types of coverage, such as Fire Insurance, Property Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Travel Insurance, Liability Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Heavy Equipment Insurance, and Health Insurance.


Pelaporan Klaim

Contact Oona Integrated Claims immediately via the Call Center, WhatsApp Business, Email, or via the Website.

Complete the claim documents online, and do an online survey via WhatsApp assisted by Oona Surveyor.

Approval of claims on the same day for minor damage without replacement of spare parts.

Report a claim


How to purchase Oona Motor Vehicle Insurance products?

You can contact the Marketing Team at the Oona Branch and Marketing Office. You can find a list of addresses and telephone numbers of Oona Marketing and Branch Offices on the Head Office & Branches page.

Apart from that, you can also fill in your personal data in the form on the Vehicle Insurance product page, and we will contact you soon.

What requirements needed when applying for a Motor Vehicle Insurance policy?

You must prepare documents in the form of an identity card, vehicle registration certificate (STNK), and vehicle ownership documents (BPKB). For more complete information, the Oona marketing team will assist you in the process of applying for an Oona Motor Vehicle Insurance policy.

How long is the coverage period provided by Motor Vehicle Insurance?

The coverage provided by Oona A Motor Vehicle Vehicle Insurance is for a period of 12 (twelve) months.

How do you pay for the Oona Motor Vehicle Insurance premium?

Payment of Oona Motor Vehicle Insurance premiums can be made by:

1. Bank Transfers
2. Full Payment using Credit Cards and Debit Cards from all issuing banks
3. 0% installment with tenors of 3, 6 and 12 months, using the Bank BCA and the Bank Mandiri Credit Cards

Is there a grace period for premium payments?

The grace period for premium payments is 30 days from the start of insurance coverage.

What should I do if there is loss or damage to my Motor Vehicle?

You can fill out the Vehicle Claim Report form on the Claim Report page on the Oona website. For claims submission and further information, please contact the 24-hour Call Center at (021) 280 90111.

If you have difficulty filling out the claim reporting form, for those of you who are in the Jakarta area, you can directly contact the Oona Integrated Claims section at number (021) 4585 1018 or via SMS to number 087782828121. Meanwhile, for those of you who are outside the area of Jakarta, you can contact the nearest Oona Branch Offices. Click on the Customer Support page to get information about Oona Branch Offices. The Customer's obligations in the event of loss and/or damage can be seen in the Policy Wording.

When can I submit a claim after the policy is activated?

The customer can submit a claim after the policy is activated, as long as the policy is still valid.

How long does it take to process a claim?

Oona will complete the payment of compensation within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the existence of a written agreement between Oona and the Customer regarding the amount of compensation to be paid.

After I submit a claim, how can I monitor my claim process?

To find out the location and/or status of your claim, you can fill out the form on the Check Claim Report Status page.

I want to repair my vehicle, where is the nearest Workshops from where I live?

You can find a list of Oona partner workshops on the Partner Workshops page.

What should I do if my policy is lost or damaged?

Immediately contact the nearest Branch and Marketing Office, by bringing a letter of loss, or by calling the 24-hour Call Center at (021) 280 90111 which will assist you in arranging a duplicate policy.


You can see more complete information on the Insurance Policy that you have, which consists of a Policy Summary and Policy Terms (policy wording). These documents contain everything that is guaranteed and what is not guaranteed in your insurance policy. The Policy Summary contains details about the policyholder, the risk insured, the period of insurance and details of the insurance premium.

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